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Able Enterprises is a group of people with varied disabilities formed to support each other in their everyday lives. Led by the chairman, Stafford, a dynamic young man whose passion lies in photography, the group of 48 is determined to take up every opportunity with a zeal that would lead to happy lives.

Many members of the group run their own businesses, however, the group was always interested in venturing into group business where all the members lend a hand to make it work. So eventually, Able Enterprises took up the business of wholesale supply of water and soda to events and nearby retailers.

With the utmost commitment from the members of Able Enterprise, Chesire Disability Services Kenya and the team of Light for the World working on the InBusiness program, the task of setting up a depot and kickstarting the business was initiated.

The group members of Able Enterprises meet for their weekly meetings every Friday and one Friday morning they decided to bring all hands on deck to tackle the task at hand – clearing of land to set up a container. All it took was a date to be fixed and on the agreed date and time, all the group members of Able Enterprises carried out the cleaning and sorting of land with a resolve.

The scene we witnessed that morning, where more than twenty people with various disabilities diligently worked their way through setting up their business with a kind of reverence, was evidence enough for the statement “Disability is not Inability”.

A steel fabricated container has been placed ready for the Able Enterprises group which would serve as a depot for them to store and distribute stock.  With the business operations in place, business training secured and support of the Advisors, Able Enterprises is all set to achieve their business goals and dreams in a sustainable way.

Get Involved.

You could support Able Enterprises by hiring them for your water and soda needs in Nairobi. Get in touch us and we will help you in your journey of inclusivity.

Stay tuned for an update on how Able Enterprises fares, their opportunities and challenges, their achievements and revelations.

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