Economically empowering communities through inclusive collaborations.

We believe that no one should be disenfranchised by circumstance or condition in achieving economic empowerment. Sustainable self reliance remains our ultimate objective.

Our Theory of Change

InBusiness Initiative Theory of Change

Our Impact


Supporting 146 entrepreneurs

Spread all across Kenya

Our commitment

We support micro entrepreneurs by providing technical and business development service. This includes providing for relevant business and technical skills, business support services and fulfilling any other personalised requirements through our Helpdesk service.

Programs currently in progress

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InBusiness Program

Linking and empowering micro-entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth


EmployeAble is our business

Building employability skills among youth with disabilities

Our Business Partners

Our business partners are champions of inclusion. These organizations have made commitments to work towards inclusive society through different ways.


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70 micro-entrepreneurs linked to our business partners

Spread across various impact areas

Ways we have made impact

Our mission

InBusiness Initiative builds inclusive collaborations to economically empower people with disabilities. The economic improvement of the initiative’s beneficiaries is the core of its impact as a small businesses enhancement partner. Working closely with initiative’s beneficiaries, partners and engaging policy makers in the implementation of inclusive policies.

Why Inclusion?

Our approach to impact measurement

Monitoring and Evaluation is a significant part of what we do within the InBusiness Initiative. We use various tools to document everything we do so that we can collect evidence, learn lessons from each program and ultimately prepare a guide with good practices made available for everyone that envisions an inclusive society and works towards it.

Impact reports

Impact reports are tiny snippets of our impact measured and reported in different ways.

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