Training our Electrical Engineers on Business Skills

One fine Wednesday morning we witnessed the gathering of 11 electrical engineers with and without disabilities eager to soak in all the knowledge and skills for the next two days. The micro-entrepreneurs are from varied backgrounds, with varied experience – overall a diverse group of individuals who bring their own set of strengths to the table.

The first session started off with a conversation on finances. Dr. Amos Njuguna, an esteemed professor at United States International University led the session with zest, engaging the engineers in conversation about their daily business situations. Few of the most relatable topics include pricing, money management, savings and credit usage. The professor kept our entrepreneurs on their toes by tossing in questions of real-life dilemmas that our entrepreneurs face frequently and promoted the concept of ethics in business. The entrepreneurs found themselves immensely motivated with a few concrete steps they would take from that very day towards healthy financial management systems.

Base of the Pyramid Innovation Services (BoP) took charge of the rest of the training. The focus areas of training led by BoP include business strategy and marketing. Micro-entrepreneurs, especially those with disabilities are often marginalised, many do not have University degrees. For such an audience, the training by BoP was more than welcome as they introduced modern tools and techniques of business models and strategies to be applied by our entrepreneurs. Tools like Business model canvas, Value Proposition canvas, Value Chain Analysis have been absorbed and applied by our entrepreneurs with support from BoP. The training sparked significant conversations on acquisition of customers, networking and the importance of maintaining goodwill among clientele.

The energy packed training left our entrepreneurs wanting for more, with many planning their next steps.

With important business skills at their disposal that differentiate them from other micro entrepreneurs, our electrical engineers have a unique selling point – satisfying customer needs as efficiently as possible.

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