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Training our Business Advisors

Advisors are business experts who support our micro entrepreneurs with all their business-related needs. Simply put, they are the backbone for the growth and sustainability of the business enterprises run by our micro entrepreneurs.

While the Advisors are selected after meticulous review process by our team, Alternatives, our partner plays a significant role in orienting them to the world of micro enterprises.

Alternatives Africa is a youth founded non-profit social enterprise that focuses on youth socio-economic development in both rural and urban areas. Their thematic areas of development include Affordable Marketing Services, Affordable Financial Services and Affordable Business Development.

Alternatives trains our Advisors on broad business areas and their implications in the context of micro enterprises. These broad business areas include business strategy, marketing, branding, customer service, financial management, employees and productivity.

A group of 25 Advisors were trained by Alternatives in November 2019 on the above-mentioned business areas. Alternatives adopted different methods to facilitate learning for adults, including group discussions, activities, case studies and other aids.

The Advisors were handed powerful tools like business canvas, business plan outlines and financial models among others that helps them develop action plans to support micro entrepreneurs in their business journey.

With varied backgrounds of the advisors, the five-day intensive training sparked many interesting conversations, each adding something new and different to the existing pool of knowledge. Active participation of the advisors led to theoretical knowledge being transformed into practical experiences and learnings.

The trained Advisors now have a significant task ahead of them – training the micro-entrepreneurs. Armed with the knowledge they acquired with Alternatives Africa along with their rich experience in varied industries, the Advisors meet the entrepreneurs, train them in different areas of business followed by personalised consultation to improve and grow the micro enterprise.

Are you passionate about inclusion? Do you have what it takes to train micro entrepreneurs to grow their business sustainably?

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Stay tuned to know how our Advisors fare in supporting our Micro-Entrepreneurs, their opportunities and challenges, their achievements and revelations.

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