Every person affords an opportunity to pursue their full potential without barriers.

Our Mission

Economically empowering communities through inclusive collaborations.

Who we are

An initiative for economic empowerment

InBusiness Initiative works towards economic empowerment of people with disabilities with a hope to mainstream inclusion.

We work towards mainstreaming issues related to people with disabilities. We work towards a world where people with disabilities would be rid of social barriers that restrict them from fully performing their daily activities. Our way to bring about this change is by promoting self reliance among people with disabilities, be it through education, employment or entrepreneurship. We intend to mobilise the whole community to address this issue, through partnerships that are mutually beneficial, in monetary terms and otherwise. We collaborate with different partners to work on our focus areas to achieve our vision of a barrier free world where every person has an opportunity to realise their potential.

Our History

Major Milestones

Inclusive Business as a concept was introduced in 2016 by Light for the World. Since then it has evolved to a program and finally to an initiative. Each year represents a step towards achieving our vision.

  • 2016



  • 2017


    Project Design

  • 2018


    Proposal and Funding

  • 2019


    Building partnerships

  • 2020


    Building the initiative

What we are about

Our Purpose

The initiative is dedicated to building capacity economically. The primary beneficiaries are people with disabilities.

Our Values

·      Agile ·      Honest ·      Responsive ·      Empowering ·      Accessible ·      Comprehensive ·      Resilient


Economically empowering communities through inclusive collaborations


Pursuing collaborations with stakeholders that engage on our platform to achieve our mission

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what we do

Platform for empowerment

We economically empower people with disabilities through inclusive collaborations to achieve self reliance.

We plan to achieve our vision of a barrier free world by working on our focus areas. Each focus area is a step towards an inclusive society.

Business and Technical Support Services

We enhance relevant management skills in micro entrepreneurs that would help them run their business effectively and efficiently leading to sustainable business growth.

Development of Sustainable Business Linkages

We arrange for sustainable business linkages between micro enterprises and institutions in the public and private sectors which enable economic benefit to both parties.

Collecting Evidence on What Works

We continuously collect evidence through our monitoring and evaluation tools to document lessons learned and good practices.

Building a dialogue on disability related issues

We organize open discussions among institutions to share experiences, learnings, and develop action plans that advance inclusion.


We are a family and community

We are small and dynamic, determined to impact society through inclusion.

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Our Contacts

Physical address

9th Floor, Pramukh Tower,

Westlands Road, Nairobi

Call us on:

+254 705 574 373

E – mail us on:

We would love for you to join us

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Support Local Businesses

Separately Together

An Opportunity to Help Your Community During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Small businesses are in dire need of skilled labor to survive, and so are  many skilled and passionate Kenyans, who are looking for work, and have time to volunteer. Please join this campaign, hopefully you can find what you are looking for once new normalcy commences.

Volunteer your time doing what you are already good at.

For individuals with time out of their busy schedules and businesses in need of help.

Companies, from large corporations to micro-entrepreneurs, are facing tough times in the wake of COVID-19. According to the UN economic forum 2020, over half of the global workforce is facing a risk of job loss if they haven’t lost then already. Could volunteering help companies retain industry-specific skills? Please tell us what your experiences have been, more so on volunteering in this campaign.

Let us know that you are interested by filing the application form.

Businesses express interest of taking up volunteers by filling the businesses application form

We match volunteers with fitting businesses

Happy Volunteering!

I want to volunteer

Did you know that volunteering increases your chance of employment by 27%? This is not an employment promise, but you will get to learn new skills, you get to know new people, you get to discover new passions you never knew you had, all likely to come back as social equity.  Sign up and tap in to the network of companies that are looking for someone like you.

I am looking for a Volunteer

Are there functions in your business that can be undertaken by volunteers on-site or remotely? You could also involve the vast talent pool available on community-based activities, experts that are willing to support you in the right course that you are running.InBusiness will support you if you need more guidance with disability inclusion in your workplace. Please express your interest here

Our Partners


Supporting each Other is Building Opportunities

InBusiness Initiative brings together advocates of disability inclusion such as the private sector and Government to co-create models of sustainably engaging people with disabilities in employment, in business, or education. This initiative creates a space to explore what works in terms of economic empowerment of people with disabilities and give tools, learnings, practical cases to institutions that are working towards being inclusive.

While governments impose measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, most of us are left to experience the effects of these uncertain times. It could be losing a livelihood, earning less, your business failing, or even contracting the virus. Its scale is also devastating. Such uncertainty is present in all corners of the world. We sure can not take it all away – we wish we could. We can, however, be certain that, by coming together, we are exponentially raising our odds of overcoming the negative economic effects the Pandemic is inflicting. The Kenyan economy is not isolated; it is vulnerable too.

Our way of making sure that we are supporting each other is building opportunities where capital can be re-allocated, shared, and donated. We want you to know that our thoughts are with you. This is one of the ways we think we can help. Help us take care of our vulnerable businesses too, and by proxy, our jobs.

We would love to hear from you. Reach out to us. We are happy to hear from you.