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Meaningful engagements with people with disabilities.

InBusiness Initiative brings together advocates of disability inclusion with private sector and the Government to co-create models of sustainably engaging people with disabilities in employment, in business, or in education. This initiative creates a space to explore what works in terms of economic empowerment of people with disabilities and give tools, learnings, practical cases to institutions that are working towards being inclusive.

Our Theory of Change

The InBusiness Initiative in Summary.


Very few people with disabilities manage to get post high school diploma and out of that population very few manage to secure employment and even fewer manage to successfully run their own enterprises. The Government of Kenya has supported enactment of robust laws but inclusion of the population with disabilities still remains low.


We aim to improve the economic and social wellbeing of people with disabilities through inclusive business and social engagements and to make inclusion the norm.

Focus areas

Business and Technical Support Services
Development of sustainable business linkages
Collecting evidence on what works
Building a dialogue on disability related issues


Presently supporting 146 entrepreneurs
70 micro entrepreneurs linked to business opportunities

Our Partners

Our partners are our champions of inclusion. Doing what we do is not possible without their support. We share the vision of achieving an inclusive society and contribute towards it in different ways.

Why inclusion?

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.”

Margaret Meade

Our Focus Areas

Business and Technical Support Services

We enhance relevant management skills in micro entrepreneurs that would help them run their business effectively and efficiently leading to sustainable business growth.

Development of Sustainable Business Linkages

We arrange for sustainable business linkages between micro enterprises and institutions in the public and private sectors which enable economic benefit to both parties.

Collecting Evidence on What Works

We continuously collect evidence through our monitoring and evaluation tools to document lessons learned and good practices.

Building a dialogue on disability related issues

We organize open discussions among institutions to share experiences, learnings, and develop action plans that advance inclusion.

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